About Missed the Hype

Game reviews after the hype

Gamers today are spoilt for choice, with so many games released and so many games being marketed and everyone joining the hype train.

How can you to keep track of your favourite games?

How can you know which games are actually good or was it all marketing hype?

How can we know our game will be supported by the developers?

Unbiased Reviews
Unaffected by Hype

We review games after the initial hype dies down. We take our time to complete the game and critically analyze it without rushing to review them as soon as the game launches.

Waiting to review has an added benefit. The trends for launching games with bugs can severely impact the games performance and the players enjoyment of the game. Waiting till the game has been fully patched leads to a better experience. We review games after a waiting period to ensure bugs have been patched and knowing the developers are supporting the game. Leading to a unbiased, more comprehensive review